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San Francisco Ceramic Circle

Monday,October 18th, 1999 Meeting

"Connoisseurship in Early English Porcelain -

the Bernard Watney Collection "

John Sandon

Author and Head of European Ceramics at

Phillips, London

The October meeting of the San Francisco Ceramic Circle will be held on Monday, 18th October in the Florence Gould Theater at the Palace of the Legion of Honor in Lincoln Park, San Francisco. Entrance is from the West terrace from 7.30pm. The lecture will start at 8.00pm.

Our speaker will be John Sandon, Author and head of the European Ceramics department of Phillips, London. His lecture is entitled "Connoisseurship in Early English Porcelain - the Bernard Watney Collection".

The mini-exhibit will be of 18th century English porcelain. Set up is at 7.30pm

About the lecture:

Dr. Bernard Watney was President of the English Ceramic Circle and acknowledged as the World's leading authority on English blue and white porcelain. With his death last year, collectors of English porcelain lost an outstanding researcher, who had contributed immeasurably to the understanding of the earliest English factories, and the San Francisco Ceramic Circle lost a good friend who had talked to us about the subject he loved. When Dr. Watney began collecting, very little was known about the smaller London, Liverpool and Staffordshire factories. Bernard took unidentified pieces as a challenge and was determined to identify the sources of the many groups of similar wares he was assembling. His painstaking research, assisted by archeology, enabled many previously "lost" factories to be identified. Among these was Limehouse, one of the earliest European porcelain factories and a contemporary of Chelsea and Vincennes. John Sandon's talk will review the connoisseurship that enabled Dr. Watney to assemble his collection of over two thousand pieces of the earliest English porcelains including so many quite incredible rarities.

About the lecturer:

John Sandon is head of European Ceramics at Phillips Auctioneers in London and is involved with all their major ceramics auctions world wide. He was born into the world of antique ceramics. His father, Henry Sandon (who has also spoken to the SFCC) was curator of the Dyson Perrins Museum at Worcester for 17 years. John Sandon has been involved in excavations at the Worcester factory site and has authored or co-authored several books on his favorite factory. Among these are "The Dictionary of Worcester Porcelain - 2 Volumes" ; "The Phillips Guide to English Porcelain of the 18th and 19th Centuries" ; "Worcester Blue and White Porcelain" ; "Grainger's Worcester Porcelain" (with Henry Sandon) and Worcester Porcelain 1751 - 1790: The Zorensky Collection" (with Simon Spero). John Sandon regularly contributes articles to many magazines and is well known as a ceramics expert from his appearances on the BBC "Antiques Roadshow". In 1998 he collaborated with Bernard Watney on an exhibition of his Liverpool porcelain and has most recently prepared the catalog of the Watney Collection which will be dispersed over the course of three sales at Phillips.

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