About the San Francisco
Ceramic Circle

The San Francisco Ceramic Circle was founded in 1972 and is among the oldest and most respected ceramic collectors organizations in the U.S.A. and is a valuable resource for anyone with an interest in antique ceramics or ceramic art.         

The S.F.C.C. is affiliated with the San Francisco Museums of Fine Art and sponsors a series of lectures on various aspects of ceramics. These are usually held in the Florence Gould Theatre at the Palace of the Legion of Honor located in Lincoln Park, San Francisco on Sundays starting at 10.00 am with mini-exhibits 1/2 hour before the talks. Topics range from Oriental pottery, through the great European factories of the 18th century to Modern Studio ceramics. Talks are given by museum curators, collectors, authors and dealers who are authorities in their fields.

For further details and SFCC activities see the SFCC BROCHURE.

Visitors to the museum are welcome to attend the free SFCC lectures.
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San Francisco Ceramic Circle 2014 Lecture Program



Lecture title

Sunday January 19.9:30am

Robert Aronson

An Overview of Dutch Delft

Sunday February 16. 9:30am

Joseph Taylor

American Decorative Tile:
From Its 19th-century Roots to the Present and Beyond


Sunday March 23. 9:30am

Charlotte Jacob-Hansen

A Giles Italianate Service:
Fifteen Worcester Plates Reveal a Decorative Grand Tour


Sunday April 13. 9:30am

Dr. Kirby William Brown

The Ceramics of California Faience
and West Coast Porcelain


Sunday April 27. 9:30am
Ekaterina Khmelnitskaya Russian Imperial Porcelain and Serge Diaghilev's Ballets Russes.

Sunday May 4. 9:30am
Dr Julia Weber

The Hoym-Lemaire Affair: Meissen, Fakes and Scandal in Paris around 1730



September 18 6-9 pm


Pot Night,

members only


Location see Newsletter
Sunday October 12 9:30am
Fred Daniels

Haviland's 1879 Hayes Presidential Dinner Service


Sunday November 9:30am
Dr Renee Dreyfus Ancient Greek Pottery at the Legion of Honor
Sunday December 7 11am & 1:30pm
Leslie Grigsby


Wining Dining and Social life; Food and Beverage Wares 1600-1860
A two part lecture:


Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the collection and appreciation of fine & antique porcelain or pottery.

Yearly membership dues are $60.00 for individuals and $95.00 for dual membership (two persons living at the same address)


For additional information about the S.F.C.C., to apply for membership or to attend a lecture as a guest write to:
San Francisco Ceramic Circle, P.O. Box 15163, San Francisco, California 94115, U.S.A. or phone (415) 750 - 3551

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